Abby Celiac registered dietitian

I help women with Celiac Disease find symptom freedom, through personalized nutrition and coaching, so they can live with purpose and start chasing their dreams.

It's time to reclaim your life!

In this 2-day mini course, I will teach you how to find freedom from your celiac symptoms in as little as 2 weeks. I’m dishing the secrets on how you can get a clear cut roadmap to erase your celiac symptom for good!

Get Freedom from Celiac Symptoms

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This is a space where individuals with Celiac disease who are suffering from symptoms, whether newly diagnosed or struggling for years, can come to get support from start to finish.

It is a lifelong journey ,and completely alters how you walk through life.

I also know that being diagnosed isn't a life sentence to pain and suffering; in fact it can open up so many other possibilities in your life.

A life where, yes, you have Celiac, AND you feel great, AND you live a full life, AND with support from the right provider you can create a life you've been too afraid to dream of!

I understand that Celiac Disease doesn't just 'go away'.

you are part of a bigger community of others who totally get what you've been through because they've been there too.

you get long term support from a practitioner who cares deeply about your success.

you have access to the standard of care I believe every individual with Celiac should experience.

you get direct answers and solutions that work- fast!

you can start feeling better right now.

A space where shame + dismissal are not welcome.

A space where all feel safe to ask for help and feel completely supported by the answers they are given.

A space where complaints of lingering symptoms are validated and taken seriously...

...where from the very first interaction they feel heard, loved, accepted and completely understood.

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How We Can Work Together

Do GI symptoms like gas, pain, bloating, diarrhea constipation or IBS dictate your life?

In 4 short weeks, Gut Harmony gives you everything you need to find relief from GI symptoms without relying on supplements or medications (bye bye, Imodium AD, Tums, and Pepto)! 

Do you struggle with daily symptoms even though you follow a gluten free diet?

Are symptoms holding you back from living life at 100%?

Find relief from symptoms that hold you back, in as little as 2 weeks!

This 6 month group coaching program is designed to fast track healing from Celiac Disease, so that you can overcome symptoms and start living with purpose and chase your dreams!

Exposure to accidental gluten happens.

If you've ever experienced that 'oh crap' moment where you've realized you've been glutened and felt panic about what to do next...this training is for you!

I'm giving you the exact plan and products my clients use to help reduce symptoms, bounce back quicker and heal damage after gluten exposure.

I'm a wife, mother of 2 energetic kids, entrepreneur, Registered Dietitian and Functional Nutritionist...and I have Celiac Disease.

There is nothing I hate more than watching women suffer and live life at 50%, simply because they have been dismissed, overlooked and no one has offered them a solution THAT WORKS!

Hi, I'm Abby!

what my clients are saying...


For the past 10 years I've suffered from stomach pain, brain fog and migraines. I could never pinpoint what was causing them. I knew it was something I was eating, but I was absolutely baffled which foods were making me feel sick.

I had tried SO many elimination diets before I worked with Abby...Medical Medium, vegan diet, and low FODMAPs with no improvement at all. I had even done an at home Viome test, but felt the results were not helpful in helping me feel better.
I felt like my whole identity was wrapped up in feeling sick and following a super strict diet.

The difference between what I was feeling before I started and how I'm feeling now, just 3 months later, is mind blowing.

And the way the program was structured really helped me to actually succeed. It was amazing and I want to say thank you because it really has changed my life. It showed me progress and gave me the help that I was looking for!

"The difference between what I was feeling before I started and how I'm feeling now, just 3 months later, is mind blowing."


I had only been diagnosed with Celiac Disease for a year when I decided to work with Abby. After a year of being gluten free I still struggled with daily stomach aches, headaches and brain fog.

I consider myself a high performer at work, but my symptoms were getting bad and happening so often, I was struggling to type out a simple email. 

I was so thankful for the testing that helped show me exactly why I still had these lingering symptoms. As soon as I started the elimination diet I started to feel better.

Plus, even though I was limited in what I was eating I actually felt relieved because I knew the foods I was eating were making me feel good!

It felt amazing to finally have clarity around food AND to go through whole days and weeks (eventually months) without any symptoms.

Once I felt better I was actually offered a promotion at work, accepted it knowing that I could deliver the quality of work they expected from me. To say the program changed my life would be an understatement!

"To say the program changed my life would be an understatement!"


When I got my Celiac Diagnosis my doctor told me to go gluten free, so I did. But a year later I was still losing weight at a rapid pace. My family and friends were worried (so was I). I was also dealing with psoriasis, rosacea and bad bloating.

I had already tried a gluten free, anti-inflammatory and AIP diets, and spent 4 years on my own trying to figure out what was making me sick. I knew it was something I was eating, but couldn't figure out what. I was afraid to eat more than a few 'safe' foods.

I had stopped playing in my weekend basketball league and my brain fog was so bad that I had to quit my high paying job, because I couldn't keep up with the demand. But being a stay at home Dad was also a struggle to keep up with all the kid's activities.

During the program we did the tests I've mentioned and implemented the 3 step process. 

In the first 10 days I had absolutely zero stomach issues. And in just 2 days of trying the elimination diet my psoriasis was almost gone. From there things just got better!I actually started GAINING weight and started playing basketball again. I even accepted a new job and I'm excited to have a career again!

"In the first 10 days I had absolutely zero stomach issues."

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