How I cleared up 100% of my Celiac symptoms, even when going gluten free wasn’t enough.

I can remember when I first started to notice things weren’t ‘right’ in my body. I was a junior in college, and after years of living a relatively ‘normal’ life as far as my health was concerned I found myself suffering…


  • from debilitating depression and anxiety so bad that I had panic attacks and couldn’t even make it to class some days.
  • Severe abdominal pain became a new normal for me and I found out I had stomach ulcers. It got so bad I spent finals week of my first semester in the ER. 
  • There were moments when I would cry because the pain I was experiencing on the inside both physically and mentally was so great. 
  • I had a rash that developed all over the lower half of my body that was painful and itchy and awful.
  • I had asthma, and eczema all over my face.
  • Honestly, it got to the point where I didn’t even want to get out of bed, and some days I didn’t. 

I remember my low point… I had been carting around a 3 inch thick manilla envelope, from one doctor’s office to another, stuffed full with articles I had researched about my symptoms for almost a full year. I’d been referred to every specialist they could think of.

Suddenly, I found myself sitting in the cold chair waiting for my final diagnosis. The doctor explained they didn’t really know what was wrong and thought it might be all in my head. Then handed me a prescription and on that sheet of paper was a recommendation for anti-anxiety medication and then a list of all of the things I’d already been doing to try and manage my symptoms.
Eventually, I learned that I likely had Celiac Disease and was able to finally get the diagnosis I’d been looking for. I had so many questions…what do I do now? Would I ever be able to eat gluten again? How can I live a relatively normal life when I feel disconnected from those around me?
I began eliminating gluten from diet and saw some pretty immediate improvement in some of my worst symptoms...
But after a year of following a strictly gluten free diet I was STILL STRUGGLING with a laundry list of symptoms. I was confused because I was doing exactly what the doctor recommended to help heal my body. I was eating a gluten free diet but still….
  • Having reactions to OTHER foods that didn’t contain gluten… like gluten free grains, eggs, soy and more
  • Struggling with weight gain
  • Dealing with low energy levels (I could seriously sleep for 14 hours and not feel rested and would nap every chance I got)
  • Living with asthma, eczema, acne and more...
  • I felt better, but something still felt off.
I was left wondering what could still be wrong?
Luckily, I was in school to become a dietitian. So I decided to explore how food could help me feel better, beyond just a gluten free diet. I had tried all of the options that conventional medicine had to offer me and I was ready for a new approach...I needed a new approach if I was going to continue moving through life. that’s when I really dug deep and found the root cause of all my symptoms, including recent weight gain.

I was left wondering what could still be wrong?

I figured out that for a lot of people with Celiac Disease, simply removing gluten is NOT ENOUGH to truly heal the damage that has been done from years of suffering from Celiac.
I learned to address the damage and heal my body. I was able to nourish my body and transform it through the power of food.
Now I am confident in my food choices. I’m happy… 
  • I found a weight I feel great at and I’ve maintained it for years.
  • I sleep like a baby at night and wake up each day full of energy to power through the day.
  • I know what foods make me feel good, and which foods make me feel worse
  • The anxiety and depression are like long lost friends that I’m glad are in my past. 
  • My skin is clear and I can actually look people in the eye when they are talking to me
  • I’m able to live a gluten free lifestyle AND still have a social life.
  • And that laundry list of symptoms...gone. They disappeared.
And that’s why I’ve made it my mission to help other individuals out there suffering from Celiac Disease, and all the symptoms that come along with it, especially when it doesn’t get better by just following a gluten free diet. I’ve figured out that healing goes deeper than just removing gluten. I’m passionate about helping you transform your life, so that you can finally find freedom from feeling sick and learn to nourish your body with foods thay make you feel good so that you can be the best version of yourself. I hope you’ll join me in my journey to change the face of Celiac!
I’d love to chat with you to figure out where you are on your journey to healing and see if the method I’ve developed will help you find symptom relief!

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