Say ‘no’ one time this week

💡Today’s Tip: Say ‘no’ to one thing this week
Here’s why: In one simple word…because…’stress’. When I talk to my clients about stress one of the biggest reasons they report increased stress levels is because they are, literally, trying to do it all. They say ‘yes’ to everything, and then find themselves in a position where they feel overwhelmed trying to do it all. And the truth is…they just can’t do it.
We are human. We all only have 24 hours in a day (really 15-17 if you are getting quality sleep). We all have to say ‘no’ in order to have time to take a breath. If you are constantly saying yes to everything you will end up with no room at the end of the day to focus on you and things you value. Saying ‘no’ allows you to say ‘yes’ to other things that are important like self care, health, movement, time with loved ones, learning, or simple relaxing. 
Here’s How: I recommend finding 1 thing you can say no to this week. Wether it’s a invitation to a social event you just don’t feel like going to (I’m definitely an introvert over here), or taking on an additional responsibility per someone else’s request…politely decline. Remember that saying ‘no’ is a complete sentence. But if you still need a little help here are some well worn phrases from my book to help you out:
‘No, thank you’
‘I can’t help at this time’
‘I won’t be able to help  with x, but I could help with y’
‘I appreciate that you thought of me for this. But at this time I cannot commit to that’
‘I won’t be able to come. I have a precious engagement on my calendar at that time’ (don’t lie, but know that having already committed your time to something else is a legit reason to not be able to do another thing)
‘I can help with x, but I will need you help with y and z to be able to commit’
The first time is the hardest. Once you get one ‘no’ under your belt keep the ball rolling. Don’t forget…once you’ve said no, look for the opportunities that open up to say yes to things that support you. 
What things have you said no to recently?


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