Make Smoothie Pouches

💡Today’s Tip: Make smoothie pouches
Here’s why: Smoothies are one of the best ways to get a quick protein, fat and carb balanced meal or snack in 10 minutes or less. However, I find for some of my clients that’s just not quick enough. They need to be out of the door with breakfast in hand in 5 minutes or less. Making smoothie pouches ahead of time can make this lofty goal a reality!

Here’s How: First, pick your go-to smoothie combination. All smoothies should have some protein (usually from protein powder), carbs (from fruit and some veggies like spinach or kale), and at least 3 types of healthy fat (coconut cream, avocado, flax seed, chia seed, nut butters are some of my faves). Once you know what’s going to go into your smoothie you can use a freezer safe zip lock bag or jar and put almost all of your ingredients in there. You’ll make an individual pouch for each day, so that in the morning you can just grab one pouch out of the freezer, pour into the blender, add you protein powder and liquid and press blend. 

Give it the 24 hour challenge. This is just one more way to make getting nutrient dense, Whole Foods into your day even easier! Pick a day this week to make a couple pouches and see how much time it saves you in the morning or any other time of day you need a quick meal. Let me know how it works for you!
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