Give Yourself 10 Minutes

💡Today’s Tip: Give yourself 10 minutes a day for self care
Here’s why: Because you’re important. Isn’t that reason enough? No? Okay well here are a couple more reasons you should take ten for yourself. It can help you manage stress. To cultivate self love. Add a dose of enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment to your life. It will allow you to show up for others in your life. Honestly, there’s no downside to it. Trust me on this one.
Here’s How: Schedule it. Decide when you are going to give yourself ten and put it on your schedule. I mean either physically write it in or schedule an appointment with yourself. Next, decide what you want to do. The key is to make sure it it something that is truly fun and enjoyable for you. There should be no expectation tied to it. This means convincing yourself that you enjoy cleaning and that it will help you check something off the to-do list will not work. It must be for pure enjoyment. I like to think back to the things I enjoyed as a child. Chances are you still enjoy those things, but you just feel like you don’t have the time for them anymore. Well 10 minutes could be all the time you need to get back into it.
Need some help? Here are some of my favorite go-to’s: bubble bath, sipping a hot cup of tea, sitting on my back porch in the sunshine,reading a good book, walking (but not just to check movement off my list), painting, coloring, cooking (for fun), dancing.
Lastly, ditch the excuses. Sorry, but you are not going to convince me that you cannot take TEN minutes out of your day to do something for yourself. Before you start to shout your excuses at your computer monitor I want you to think about how much time you spent on social media, watching TV, or some other non-necessary task yesterday. If you truly can’t find ten minutes for yourself I challenge you to rethink how you are spending your time and make the time.
Give it the 24 hour challenge. Try is for one day and see how it makes you feel. I know I feel a lot more centered on days I make time for myself. Let me know how it works for you in the comments below!
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