Always Triple the Recipe


💡Today’s Tip: Always Triple the Recipe

Here’s why: When you start incorporating more ‘whole’ foods in your eating pattern you may find yourself cooking at home a lot more. For some this is a great way to experiment and find a new love for cooking; for others it’s a time suck that just doesn’t jive with their busy lifestyle. One of the quickest ways to cut down on the amount of time you spend cooking is to cook more at one time. You are already making a mess, chopping the veggies, and cleaning the dishes so you might as well get the biggest bang for your buck with the time spent in the kitchen. This will cut down the frequency you have to cook to only 3-4 times per week, or less as you build of a stash of meals in the freezer.

Here’s How: Every time you cook something in the kitchen simply triple the recipe (at the very least double it). Once it is cooked and you have had your meal, store some of the leftovers in the fridge to eat throughout the week, and freeze some of the leftovers to be re-heated and consumed in the coming months when you are in a pinch or don’t feel like cooking. After a few weeks of doing this you will find that you are only having to cook a couple of times to have enough food to eat for the week and you freezer meals will slowly start to stock pile.

Give it the 24 hour challenge. Try this tip next time you are cook at home. You’ll find it saves you a ton of time and can implement it regularly each week!


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