Skip The Receipt

💡Today’s Tip: Skip the receipt at check out. 
Here’s why: Receipts contain bisphenol-A (aka the dreaded chemical BPA). By now most of us know to avoid BPA due to its health implications. However, you may not have realized that an estimated 8 out of 10 receipts is coated with BPA. Skipping the receipt is just one way you can make an impact in reducing your overall toxin burden, which will help improve health and aid in weight loss.
Here’s How: When checking out simply let the cashier now that you don’t need you receipt today. If you do, in fact, need the receipt opt to have it emailed or texted to you (if available), or ask the cashier to directly place it into the bag (not in the same bag as non-packaged food you plan to eat, like produce). Once you get home store it somewhere safe and wash your hands thoroughly after handling it.
Give it the 24 hour challenge and see how easy today’s tip is to implement in your daily routine. If you successfully skip the receipt over the next 24 hours, then try to do it successfully for a full week. Then just keep it up. Before you know it this will become second nature!
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