Pair Your Carbs with Fat and Protein

💡Today’s Tip: Pair the carbs you eat with protein and fat

Here’s why: When you eat carbohydrates alone they are being quickly converted to glucose (sugar) in the blood. This spike in blood glucose leads to a spike in insulin (to remove the excess sugar from your blood stream), followed by a drop in blood sugar that often feels like an energy crash and has you rushing to the nearest vending machine or gas station for a pick-me-up. The more times in a day you eat carbs alone the more ups and downs you will have on ‘the blood sugar rollercoaster’. The effects of this can be seen in weight gain, low energy, inability to focus, mood swings and cravings.
By pairing carb with fat and protein you are slowing down the digestion process and the rate at which those carbs are converted to to glucose it the blood stream. This stops the super high’s and low’s that come with carb intake and instead keeps your blood sugar stable all day (like rolling hills). Leaving you feeling energetic, focused, and helps you lose weight!

Here’s How: Anytime you are eating a carbohydrate have a little bit of fat and protein with it! For example, if you would normally have a banana or apple (carb) for a mid afternoon snack…pair it with some nut butter (fat) and a hard boiled egg (protein). If you typically go for a bag of chips from the vending machine (carb), grab some trail mix (fat) and jerky (protein) too. It’s a simple little switch that has a big impact!

Give it the 24 hour challenge and try to implement today’s tip into your daily routine. If your successful over the next 24 hours, then try to do it for a full week. The more consistent your the more you will reap the benefits!
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