Express gratitude daily

💡Today’s Tip: Start each morning with some gratitude. The impact of gratitude on our health has been very well studied and the conclusion is clear. Gratitude helps improve our physical (cough, cough, weight loss) and mental health. Beyond that it fosters better relationships, improves sleep, increases self esteem, nurtures positivity and helps sharpen your mind. In fact, there isn’t a single downside to expressing a bit of gratitude.

Here’s How: Write down 3 things you are grateful for every morning. I find this works best if it is the very first thing you do each morning. It doesn’t matter how big (that big promotion at work) or small (a working stove to cook breakfast on each morning), write it down! Most people find that writing their 3 gratitudes down in a journal works best. But don’t let having to purchase a journal stop you! You can do this on your phone, on a scratch piece of paper or simply list them off in your head. The important thing is that you do it, and do it consistently.

Need an example? Here are there 3 gratitudes I listed in my journal this morning:
1. The sun that keeps us alive!
2. My significant other who made me an amazing dinner last night while I was away volunteering.
3. Marco Polo app- which is allowing me to stay in touch with family that lives far away

Give it the 24 hour challenge. If you successfully accomplish listing 3 things your grateful for in the next 24 hours, then try to do it successfully for a full week. Then just keep riding that gratitude gravy train all the way to the good karma bank.


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