Buy Frozen Veggies

💡Today’s Tip: Buy frozen veggies
Here’s why: It’s no secret that veggies are a powerhouse of nutrients and should be included in your eating pattern as much as possible. However, there seems to be confusion around how to get those veggies in. Fresh, canned, frozen, local, organic, dried? No wonder there is so much confusion. I’m known for telling my clients that first and foremost they just need to get their veggies in whatever way works for their budget and lifestyle. Frozen veggies tend to work for all budgets and lifestyle which makes them a great choice! Frozen veggies are often picked and frozen at their peak ripeness which helps retain more nutrients and they can be cooked in minutes, which means they are always convenient.
Here’s How: First, buy frozen veggies (easy). Then make them taste great. After heating up frozen veggies I like to add a drizzle of olive oil and a blend of seasonings. My go-to’s are garlic and herb blend and chili lime seasoning. Lastly, pat yourself on the back for eating healthy without breaking a sweat.
Give it the 24 hour challenge. This is just one more way to make getting nutrient dense, Whole Foods into your day even easier! Make frozen veggies a staple on your grocery list to easily implement week after week.
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