Break Phone Addiction

💡Today's tip: Put your phone in grayscale mode to help combat phone addiction! This is best used during periods when you want to stay focused on tasks at hand or when you want to decrease phone usage.

This will help you decrease stress, minimize impact of blue light on hormones, and free up more time to spend on activities like cooking, getting in some movement, spending time with people you love!

Here's How: On iphone go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility ->Display Accommodations -> Color Filters -> Turn the toggle next to color filters to the 'off' position and make sure 'grayscale' is checked

If you're not sure whether this would help you I challenge you to give it a go for 24 hour period and see how much less time you spend staring blankly into a screen and how much more time you spend on things that matter!

Let me know if it worked for you! Shoot me an email at to tell me how your challenge went!

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